Having a higher metabolism is linked to weight loss, better circulation, better moods, more energy, and younger skin. Higher metabolism is also helpful in improving your natural immunities, thus helping you to stay healthier and spend less time sick. So with all of this considered, it is no wonder people are constantly looking for ways to increase their metabolism. If you’re one of those people, here are 6 surefire ways to increase your metabolism.

  • Proteins IN, Carbs OUT – Proteins are harder for our bodies to digest, meaning we burn more calories while digesting them. This is great for your metabolism. Carbs and high sugar foods and juices, on the other hand, will not help in burning calories or increasing metabolism. If you can replace a carb with a lean protein in every meal, you will see dramatic changes, quickly.
  • Drink Green Tea – An average cup of green tea has about a third of the caffeine of a cup of coffee. But, green tea has EGCG, a natural ingredient known to increase metabolism. Three cups of green tea, which gives you the caffeine of a cup of coffee, can increase metabolism by ten percent. And by spreading your caffeine consumption across the day, you will find it keeps you more alert and focused.
  • Drink More (Lemon) Water – Water is key to a healthy metabolism. If you allow yourself to become dehydrated, your metabolism will suffer (as will just about everything else about you). Instead, try to drink half your body weight in ounces of water per day to stay hydrated. And when possible, add lemon to the water, as that will help in digestion and further improve your metabolism.

  • Eat Less, More Often – Smaller meals eaten more frequently throughout the day help with digestion and metabolism. Eating four to five times a day in smaller increments will allow your body to properly digest the food you eat.
  • Move Around – Pacing, fidgeting, taking the stairs, and so on, will help you remain active and help with your metabolism. If you work in an office, try to pace while on the phone. If you work on the fourth floor, take the stairs instead of the elevator. If you tap your pen while thinking, keep doing it. These activities will have a great impact on your metabolism and your overall health.
  • Work Out for Intensity – Any exercise is good, however, the best for metabolism is short, intensive exercises. This is usually accomplished with weights or Tabata-style activities. This is not to say you should not run for distance, but be sure to also incorporate some kind of strength and intensity work.

As you can see, just a few small changes to your lifestyle can dramatically improve your metabolism and your overall health. Now get out there and try it!

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